Alpine Race LLC moves back to the USA

by AlpineRacer

Alpine Race LLC – the beginning.

We began in Aspen, Colorado.

Commuted between Salt Lake City, Utah and Aspen, Colorado.

We missed watching the World Cup from Europe on ABC’s “Wide World of Sports” (1961 through 1998)

We set out to acquire the US rights to the Video. This led us to Milano, Italy and Media Partners.

Successfully structured Internet video and mobile rights done in Euros with technological advances using Windows Media, the website was designed.

The award winning website was created entirely using Adobe Flash, including checkout and downloads. All Denver Colorado companies, locally sourced, funded and developed in the U.S.A.

US Ski Team and USSA marketed our website with every race and Alpine Race honored and Worked in tandem with NBC and OLN – Outdoor Living Network.

Media Partners in Milano suggested teaming up with Martin Fiala in Germany. Mission Accomplished.

Ski2b, Alpine Race and Atom Skis, Austria created a live World Cup Streaming App.

We are pleased to announce our return to the United States of America.

Go US Ski Team and the entire USSA teams!!!